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Want to race your touring car, in an affordable, competitive and tightly controlled environment, in South East QLD? Then the Queensland Touring Car Championship (Formerly QV8S) is for you!


QTCC is a CAMS affiliated incorporated club which has grown out of the QV8S series which was first run in 2012. The QTCC is run by the competing Members for the benefit of all competitors and Members. The primary focus of QTCC is to promote an enjoyable club level racing series which pays broad homage to the vehicles which have raced in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC), in its many guises, Australian Group A, Group C and the Super Tourers series since its inception, with some specific exemptions, variations and restrictions.

The club and series is open to all naturally aspirated reciprocating and rotary piston engine cars which have raced in the ATCC, Australian Group A, Group C or the Super Tourer series since their inception. 

Items such as tyres, suspension components, brakes and engine modifications are open with race results determined by car set-up and driver ability.  Hatch back and coupe vehicles (e.g. LX Torana, Falcon Hardtop) may be accepted under certain conditions with the intention being to maintain the overall "touring car" feel of the series.


If you intersting in racing with us please just reach out to us and we can discuss your car and see if we can get you on the track with QTCC.


For further information or any other questions, please Contact Us


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