Rules and Regulations for the QTCC


V8S was founded by a group of like-minded people, with factory road-car based replicas representing Touring Cars of their respective era’s, with the view to having fun in club racing in SE QLD. The Queensland Touring Car Club and Queensland Touring Car Championship (QTCC) is an evolution of the QV8S which opens the club and series up to persons with vehicles other than V8s which carry on this theme. In addition, the QTCC Rules and Regulations adopted below are to be reflected in club members’ attitudes when racing, preparing cars and interpreting rules. The QTCC is a CAMS Affiliated Club which also brings its own set of rules and obligations.


The club and series is now open to all naturally aspirated piston-engined cars which have been sold in Australia and represented in the Australian Touring Car Championship or the Austrailan Super Tourer series since their inception. Other makes and models will be considered by the Management Committee in line with the general series criteria.


The overriding emphasis of these rules is by interpreting these Rules and Regulations knowing that it is club racing for FUN. Any rules and regulations can be dissected to re-interpret them to suit those who do so; however the QTCC Rules and Regulations are to be taken as written. If they do not say you can do something then you cannot.


Should any competitor elect to push the boundaries of the Rules and Regulations by making modifications which are deemed by the Rules and Regulations Committee to be outside of the intent of the Rules and Regulations, the Technical Committee may immediately take action to apply a remedy.


For the good of the series the Management Committee may elect to make changes to the Rules & Regulations at any time to keep the racing close.

Current rules and regs- v8.0 - As of January 31, 2023

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