Our Heritage and History

The Queensland Touring Car Championship (QTCC) had its official first round (which was originally an annual event) on the actual opening day of the newly built Lakeside Raceway - Sunday 19 March 1961 - a first for both. The first event was a fairly modest affair, played out in front of a crowd of around 2,000 spectators. The Governor of Queensland Sir Henry Abel Smith declared the new Lakeside facility officially open before a Queensland Touring Car Championship race headed the bill with a 15 car entry. Among those taking part were Bill Pitt in a 3.4 Jaguar, Sid Sakzewksi in a Plymouth Belvedere and Barry Tapsall in a Holden. This first QTCC race was brought together by the Queensland Motor Sporting Club (QMSC) headed by President Sid Sakzewski and had major sponsorship from BP.


Not much is currently recorded of the general history since then, however the most notable QTCC competitor was Dick Johnson who actually won 5 titles during the from 1971 to 1976. This prominence gained him entry into the national Australian Touring Car Championship, where Dick eventually also took 5 titles. 


It is also not recorded when the QTCC stopped operating, however the "second coming” commenced when regular meetings where held in 2010 between the newly formed clubs' founding members of Jim Spence, Chris Brown, Garry Hawgood and Dan Cuda. What followed was an email on 25 January 2011, inviting over 20 competitors to join forces at Queensland Raceway to discuss how a championship could be created from likeminded drivers, with their cars reflecting Touring Cars of their era. The national ATCC series was now a V8 formula, so what was formed was a "not for profit" club called the Queensland V8 Series which also coincidentally had 15 competitors. Glen Seton also provided support in the foundation of the club and its racing rules, giving valuable knowledge of the ATCC historical rules and its relationship to QTCC, specifically relating to equity and parity.  


The first round was held on 19 February 2012, running a 6 round championship for that year. In early 2013, for sustained growth, it was recognised that other makes. models, powerplants and body styles where required, with the club changing its name to the Queensland Touring Car Championship. This immediately paid dividends with entries regularly over 20 cars and now features more than 40 cars at most race weekends.


2012 Chris Brown - Championship Winner


2012 Scott Smith - Runner Up


2012 Tony Grant - Third Place

2013 Chris Brown - Championship Winner


2013 Jim Spence - Runner Up


2013 Karl Begg - Third Place

2014 Karl Begg - Overall Champion


2014 Richard Gresham - Overall Runner Up


2014 Steve Hay - Overall Third Place

2014 Mick Apps - Group B Champion


2014 Chris Begg - Group B Runner Up


2014 Warwick Douglas - Group B Third Place

2015 Brett Kennedy - Overall Champion


2015 Karl Begg - Overall Runner Up


2015 Murray Kent - Overall Third Place

2015 Garry Hawgood - Group B Champion


2015 Gary Anger - Group B Runner Up


2015 Warwick Douglas - Group B Third Place

2016 Steve Hay - Overall Champion


2016 Justin Anthony - Overall Runner Up


2016 Murray Kent - Overall Third Place

2016 Stuart Walker - Group B Champion


2016 Dean Rice - Group B Runner Up


2016 Gary Anger - Group B Third Place

2017 Brett Kennedy - Overall Champion


2017 Murray Kent - Overall Runner Up


2017 Chris Sharples - Overall Third Place

2017 Chris Begg - Group B Champion


2017 Gary Anger - Group B Runner Up


2017 Adam Pye - Group B Third Place

2018 Murray Kent -Group A1 Champion


2018 Steve hay - Group A1 Runner Up


2018 Ashley Hooper - Group A1 Third Place

2018 Stuart Walker - Group A2 Champion


2018 Gary Anger- Group A2 Runner Up


2018 Lance Jurgeleit - Group A2 Third Place

2018 Mark Hyde - Group B Champion


2018 Leo Graae - Group B Runner Up


2018 John Phoenix - Group B Third Place

2019 Chris Scharples - Overall Winner


2019 Pierz Harrex - Group A1 Runner Up


2019 Steve Hay - Group A1 Third Place

2019 Stuart Walker Group A2 Champion


2019 Matthew Haak Group A2 Runner Up


2019 Lance Jurgeliet Group A2 Third Place

2019 Steve Harper - Group B Champion


2019 Mark Giorgio - Group B Runner Up


2019 Scott Kelly - Group B Third Place

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